Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Silly Faces and The Continuing Epic Quest for Employment

So it's been far too long. Apologies...

I actually had a job for a while! Hooray! I was working at Flickerlab doing clean up and a little animating here and there for Hooked on Phonics. It was AWESOMMMMEEEEEE. I made friends! Woohoo! Now that's over and I'm back to the same place I was only 2 months ago. I'm trying to resume an internship at Curious, but this time as a stop-motion intern (which is something they don't normally have). Hopefully that will pan out for me, or if I could be so lucky, perhaps I can get another real paying job in animation. Either way, it's a little disappointing but I knew this would happen eventually.

I've had a few caricature commissions here and there over the last 2 months. I just finished one today for a woman in New Jersey as a thank you gift to the groomsmen for her wedding. Check it out.

Some of the colors are oversaturated since I created it with a CMYK color profile, but you get the idea here. I spent way too long on this one, but I rather like it.

Soooooo if anyone has any potential ideas for how to go about getting another job or where I should be looking at the moment, don't hesitate to share!