Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Purse!

The last week I had off from work, so I decided to finally bunker down and do something productive like make a new purse. Voila! I think it might be my favorite I've made so far (which is really saying something since I've been making my own bags for 10 years). It's constructed out of vinyl fabric I got from a friend's sister who wanted to get rid of it- lucky for me! The interior is lined with cotton. Sewing vinyl is really hard on my machine and my hands. Pinning that stuff is a nightmare. I kept having to ice my fingertips! But I think the end result was worth it :) .

The interior has 3 accordion pockets for extra storage.

In other news I'm in the process of learning Maya finally. I've got a pretty good grip on the animating part, now I figure I'll work backwards and learn rigging, then return to learning more about modeling. Over the week of new years an ad I worked on for Samsung with Omega Darling aired on the massive jumbotron in Times Square! It was really exciting to see my work that big and to know that millions of people saw it. I also recently had to turn down a full time job on a show I really wanted to work on due to money. I don't understand how people expect animators to live on such puny salaries. It's especially mind blowing because we do a job that most people couldn't even dream of being CAPABLE of doing. It's a really hard skill to master, and thus it deserves fair wages. Sigh...