Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zitman's Wallet

I forgot to post these a while back, but I made my boss Zitman a wallet per request. I think it's pretty sweet.

The photo's a little blurry, but he wanted two dividing pockets, one for money, and one for receipts.

I bought a teflon presser foot for my sewing machine so I could sew vinyl more easily, however, much to my dismay, it doesn't fit on my machine! It was also a nonrefundable purchase... Gr. I guess I'm stuck ghetto sewing wallets together.

P.S. I just found out I have pneumonia! Hooray!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Animatic Revision

After several long chats, a wee bit of soul searching, and discovering the cure for cancer, I've retooled my animatic to hopefully make it funnier, more cohesive, and generally more awesome. Let's hope I reached those goals.

Thoughts? Does the ending work? I rather like it now, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. I certainly think this ending is more clever than just a big ol' explosion. That seems too obvious.

I ran into a bunch of totally nonsensical technical difficulties when working on this animatic. For whatever the reason Flash has some serious video issues. I edited some of the original animatic in Flash and worked on top of it. When I exported it, none of the scenes from the embedded video file were correct. It automatically sets each segment to play from frame 1, despite what you may have programed in the properties pallette. Very annoying indeed. So I had to then edit it together in Premiere, which of course exports huge files even when compressed. I also realized there are some weird frame rate issuses between Flash and Premeire. I don't think Flash let's you export QT's at 23.97 fps. Quicktime Pro keeps messing up and won't let me compress and export QT's from Premiere so I can post them to my blog. Nothing seems to be working right... Ugh.

I've also had some Craigslist jobs offered to me, and to be honest I'm a little confused/overwhelmed as to which ones I should/can do at the moment. It's unfortunate that I've gotten so into my animatic that all I want to do is work on this! I know if I move away from it for a while it may be a long time until I return to it again. Such is life I'm afraid...