Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Working Girl ( no not like that you perv)

Yay!!!!!! Finally! I got a real job! I'm currently animating for the Animation Collective's Jolly Rabbit cartoon! It's totally adorable, and here's a little still from their site.


I'll link to stuff in the future if I'm allowed... although I'm not 100% sure on the policy yet. But yay! Just what I've been hoping for for the last 2 years. Stability! I've even got several other jobs on the side. Life is crazy these days!

I'm currently working on revisions for my GE Howcast spot. I've got a lot to redo which is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I think it'll turn out great. I'm so pleased with the look of it that I'm actually going to take the time to submit it to festivals next year. I believe it's set to go live in late January or February and I'll be sure to link to it obnoxiously as soon as it does!

Merry Crapsmas to me and my family who will no longer have to help me pay bills! Best present ever!!!!


The Grinch