Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Make it in America for HBO

On Tuesday I did a little motion graphic spot for my buddies over at Omega Darling/Looseworld . They gave me pretty much free reign to animate the intro motion graphics however I wanted for this here video:

I had a good time making it. Sadly the footage was sped up since I left the office, which may have been done in the edit because we didn't have sound effects, but either way, it still looks pretty nice. I'm finally amassing enough work to put together a legit motion graphics reel. Hooray! Character animation is loads of fun, but let's face it, it doesn't pay very well...

I'll be back in their studio next week for some 2d animation for an educational project. I'm excited about getting out of my house more!

I also just concluded the big long project for Riverhead Books/Penguin Books. More to come on that in the near future.

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